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First native online Mathematic
tutoring in Hong Kong

iLearn, iGrow

 "Live Lessons and A.I. Homework System", improve learning effectiveness Performance tracking. Grow and Success Adaptive curriculum. Improve your children's Math performance without the need of leaving your home.



Exphasize flexible application rather than rote memorization 



Cantonese, English, and Chinese Teaching.
Can learn anytime and anywhere



Proven Mathematics System that helps reduce careless mistakes, and create exercises that enhance students' ability and strength



Group Class: Limited class size per teacher.
1 on 1 class available


10,000+ Students

300+ Schools


K2-K3: Beginner

Get ready for Primary School with our FUN syllabus

  • Simple Math

  • Count

  • Problem Solving

  • Currency

  • Directions

  • Time & Date

  • Enhance Interest

  • Build up Fundamental

  • Numbers

  • Measurements

  • Shapes

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Once you have signed up with us, download "Classin" on your computer or tablet.

Lesson Time

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Learning With Fun

Our AI-powered exercises are fun and dynamic, tailored for kids age 4-12.

Our Tutors

Learn More About Our Tutors 


Number of tutors:

40 tutors


Average Age:

33.3 years old


All University Graduated

(10% PGDE, 13% Master, 77% Bachelor)


Average Teaching Experience:

451.2 hours


Total Number of Hour Taught:

15542.6 hours


Tutor Location:

Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore,




Regular Training

Top University Graduates

Bilingual Fluency

Our Student

What Do Parents Say About Us?

Casper & Jaco
P4 | 6 Months with iiTutors

"Casper and Jaco really enjoy their class at iiTutors because online class in more interactive than the ones at school. Also, small class teaching allows the teacher to take good care of them and guide them to think using different perspectives. Their ability to solve problems has improved significantly."

P5 | 8 Months with iiTutors

“Initially Clarisse was very hesitant to learn Mathematics, and she often lost motivation in learning because she couldn't understand the math questions. Now that she has been with iiTutors for five months, the tutor uses different types of questions to inspire her to think from different perspectives. Not only has her problem-solving skills in Math improved, but she also finishes her homework faster. Her academic performance has improved significantly, and she has regained confidence in maths!”

Sinvina & Anvina
P2 | 8 Months with iiTutors

"The course is practical and interesting. The tutor is also caring, and patiently encouraged the students to answer questions, so that both of my daughters became interested in mathematics." 

K3 | 9 Months with iiTutors

"Since my son is interested in maths, I decided to give it a try when I first saw iiTutors’ advertisement on Facebook. I was taking a wait and see approach. If it didn’t work out, we would switch to another tutorial centre. It turns out that we were very satisfied with iiTutors’ service and we decided to continue the course up until now.  The flexibility in iiTutors allows Hinson to learn P.2 maths even though he is only in K3. He can handle his maths homework at school all by himself. I hope my son will continue to learn happily and continue to improve!"

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