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Our Mission

We know that your children can score high in Mathematic!


For more than 20 years, we have been trying to understand the needs of students in mathematics. Nowadays, online education becomes an inevitable trend, it will bring greater challenges to children and parents to cope with this change.


Therefore, iiTutors has developed a comprehensive and unique online mathematics education program, which can provide students with mathematics tutoring, and we believe that you will see your children's grades continue to improve.



PLANETii uses "artificial intelligence" to analysis 180,000,000 answer data, integrates games and interactive mathematical content, and continues to improve learning efficiency.

The platform serves more than 80 direct-funded schools in Hong Kong every year and provides "personalized" math exercises and teaching content for more than 60,000 students. It is the mathematics learning and evaluation system used by most direct-funded schools.

STEM PLUS aims to create an ecosystem that connects schools, teachers, parents, students, and to promote industry's most technological innovation information, with the aim to raise the STEM level of Hong Kong students to international standards. Through continuous efforts, more than 100 Hong Kong schools have participated in many competitions and on-campus courses we have organized.

Our Partners

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